Frequently asked questions

If kept refrigerated, Chef Prep Meals will last 5-7 days. This way you can meal plan for the whole week. Not sure you’ll get to your meal in time? Just throw it in the freezer.

For Sunday delivery + pick-up, orders are due by 1 pm Thursday. Just missed the cut-off? Email us at and we’ll do our best to accommodate your order for the upcoming delivery!

Our meals are designed to be heated in the microwave since they already arrive fully cooked. Keep in mind, though, that microwaves, unlike people, are NOT created equal, so some may require shorter or longer heating time than others. You know your microwave best, so you may want to try out your first meal assuming an average cooking time (a little under 2 minutes) and then adding to that time as you see fit.

Yes we can. We take allergies very seriously. Whether its a nut allergy, gluten sensitivity or even just a preference. Please let us know at the time of your order what the issue may be and we’ll contact you to discuss the best course of action.

Please leave your empty cooler bag and ice pack(s) out ahead of your next delivery and we will gladly pick it up when we drop off your next order!

All good! Email us at or call/text us at 502-494-3820. We’ll help you make those changes!

You can always pause your account whenever you’d like in your subscriptions tab. Look for the big green active button and click on it to pause, come back to unpause whenever you’d like before the week’s cut-off date!